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Feet Coin aspires to become the universal store of value reflecting the feet picture buying and selling market in Web 3.0. Initially focused on foot modeling, the token aims to transcend meme status and expand into all domains of the online modeling industry. In the age of Web 3.0, Feet Coin possess potential to emerge as a payment solution for the foot modeling industry. The value of which will largely be affected by exchanges on the Ethereum blockchain between models, admirers, and those investing in the value and infrastructure of that exchange. As Ethereum continues to become globally adopted, Feet coin will have the potential to solve existing issues affecting foot models (as well as other types of models), and their supporters on a global scale. 

The Feetlabs HQ Team seeks to establish and maintain a FeetPix community whose primary focus is to benefit holders of FeetPix NFTs. Future collections and partnerships will require the approval of a DAO proposal. The DAO will ensure that holders of $Feet coin are able to voice their opinion through a vote or by submitting a proposal of their own. 

Issues In Feet space on web 2.0

  • High commissions from models to third party host and facilitator services, affecting price for services.

  • Lack of transparent and efficient payment solutions.

  • Limited global accessibility for foot models and their admirers. 

  • Absence of a universal representation of the value of modeling services.

potential solutions offered by web 3.0

  • Allows foot models to participate on the Ethereum blockchain where they may receive direct payments in Feet Coin, Ethereum, or any ERC-20 token using a standard Ethereum address.

  • Transparent and decentralized transactions on the Ethereum blockchain.

  • Borderless access for foot models and admirers, fostering a global market.

  • A token that reflects the true value of beauty in the human body, starting with foot modeling.

The token contract has been fully renounced with a 2% buy and sell fee. 

-1% will be directed towards a burn address to ensure that the supply will deflate in relation to trading volume.

-1% will be directed towards the liquidity pool of the token to decrease trading volatility over time.

DAO Utility

Holders of this token are able to vote on decisions affecting the direction of our project. As the token becomes increasingly decentralized overtime, the community beliefs may differ and shall require a vote with a pre-set percentage of holders needed to obtain an approval. As the DAO team continues to make determinations and set priorities, we have come to conclusion of moving with the most recently minted Feet token which is currently renounced, has a smaller tax, maintains DAO utility, and has recently become more decentralized with the DAO team liquidating the marketing funds to make a large sweep of FeetPix NFTs. Holders of $Feet can vote for and create proposals, click the link below to participate. 

CA: 0xB7671fC184F8E5C88fd157F0D30aE25d6F444843


Burn Fee

LP Fee


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