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NFT Roadmap:


As the DAO team is currently recalibrating the roadmap and direction of the project, we have requested feedback from the community and have greatly appreciated what has been shared so far. The team has since noted that a great majority of community members would like to move forward with a second collection mint for holders of FeetPix NFTs. For the time being, it would be practical to move forward with what everyone is able to agree on and then adjust the minor details as we continue to progress. The minor details would include when and how the collection would be minted (leaning towards airdrop 1:1 to FeetPix NFT holders), what the second collection theme will be, which artist and dev will we recruit for this collection, how future creator fees on NFT trading platforms should be distributed, and etc.

We will continue to conduct our weekly Feety Friday event, where we use OpenSea collector fees to sweep and burn the floor of the FeetPix NFT collection in order to deflate the supply. The proposed goal will be to deflate the FeetPix NFT supply down to 8,000 (or higher if desired by the community) where the team will pause Feety Friday and allocate enough funding to recruit a developer and artist to create the next collection and to cover the airdrop gas fee if applicable. At the time of writing this short term roadmap, the current supply of FeetPix is 8,191. The team will continue to work with the community, and we will address and factor every detail that is presented to us. 

As of now the team believes Booty Pix would be the best theme to move forward with. If you wish to provide input, feel free to reach out to the team and community on X, Telegram, and Discord. Official links can be found in the Linkt.ree tab.


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